Clearspring Organic Japanese Wide Udon Noodles 200g

Clearspring Organic Japanese Wide Udon Noodles 200g

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Quick to cook and delicious in flavor, , Organic Wide Udon Noodles are satisfying and versatile, and with a cooking time of just 10 minutes, they are a convenient and time-saving option. Additionally, they are a great source of protein, low in sugar, and low in fat, making them a healthy dietary choice. Made without any egg ingredients.
wheat flour* (98%), sea salt.
- Firm, smooth noodles, satisfying and versatile
- Authentically made using the roll and cut method, not by the conventional force extruded method.
- Traditional, slow dried organic noodles from Japan. Dried at room temperature rather than artificially dried at 60-80 degrees.
- Takes 3 days to dry the noodles
- Cooks in 10 minutes
- Made from Semi wholewheat flour including the Aleurone layer which is rich in nutrients
- Low fat, source of protein and fibre.
Serve all year round in hot broths, stir-fries or chilled with a dipping sauce.

Typical Value

g per 100g

Energy kJ

Energy kCal 343
Fat 1.3
of which saturates .3
Carbohydrate 68
of which sugars 4.9
Protein 13
Salt 1.8