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Clearspring Organic Japanese Matcha Shot Sachet 8g

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A finely ground powder made from the finest premium grade green tea leaves, grown on a tea garden high in the hills of Uji, Koyoto, Japan. Enjoy its vivid green color and the slightly sweet, rich, smooth flavour. Perfect for a morning kick-start for your day with a classic shot with hot water or in a vanilla Matcha latte or mixed with your favourite fruit juice.
Organic Matcha green tea powder (100%).
Low Fat, Very Low Salt, High in Protein, Low in Saturated Fat, Vegan, Organic.
Traditionally Matcha is drunk whisked in hot water as a smooth green tea. Empty one matcha shot into a cup and add hot water from a kettle which has not quite boiled to maximise the health benefits. Stir vigorously. Just like an expresso in the world of coffee matcha can also be drunk as a short, concentrated version of matcha green tea by adding less hot water.To avoid lumps of powder in the bottom of your cup try mixing the powder with a drop of cold water to create a smooth paste before adding the hot water.The matcha shot can also be added to your bottle of juice or water for an instant boost. Simply unscrew the bottle cap, empty the shot sachet (or two!), replace the cap and shake until mixed. It’s as easy as that!.
  Typical values g per 100g
Energy kJ 1330
Energy kCal: 317
Fat 0.8
of which saturates 0.13
Carbohydrate 38.7
of which sugars 10
Protein 23.4
Salt < 0.1