Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a popular approach to eating that has been gaining attraction in recent years. It involves periods when you don’t eat, followed by regular meals. This type of dieting has been linked to several potential benefits such as weight loss, improved immune function, reduced inflammation, and even better gut health.

The main concept behind intermittent fasting is that it helps your body use stored energy more efficiently and can help lower insulin resistance levels. When we fast for extended periods our bodies are forced to burn into the energy stored in fat cells which can lead to weight loss over time & better insulin sensitivity. Additionally, IF may also reduce inflammation levels throughout the body and support healthy gut bacteria due to its effects on insulin production. The most common form of IF involves 16 hours without food but zero-calorie drinks are allowed during hours of fasting such as herbal drinks, teas, coffee, and of
course water. However, there are many different types so it's important for individuals considering this approach to find what works best with their lifestyle before committing long-term.

In conclusion, Intermittent Fasting provides a lot of potential benefits including helping people lose weight, supporting immune function, reducing inflammation levels, and promoting healthier gut bacteria populations.


Dr. Menna El Saeed
Clinical nutritionist & Dietitian AUC/AACME

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