Are vegans and vegetarians the same?

Vegans and vegetarians have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their health benefits, religious restrictions, or moral concerns about harming animals. Vegans abstain from consuming any animal products whatsoever, while vegetarians may include dairy and eggs in their diet but avoid consuming the animals themselves. People choose these diets for a variety of reasons, including improving overall health, adhering to certain religious beliefs that forbid consuming meat or animal products, and/or out of concern for the welfare of animals.

Vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious individuals. These diets can be very healthy, but, like anyone, vegans, and vegetarians need to be mindful of nutritional deficiencies to ensure they get the essential nutrients their bodies need, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration.

First off, dairy products are a major source of calcium and vitamin D for those who consume them; however, this is not an option for vegans or ovo vegetarians, so these individuals should look too dark leafy greens as another good source of calcium in addition to choosing foods fortified with the nutrient such as certain cereals or bread. Additionally, if you decide to go vegan, it would also benefit you greatly from taking Vitamin D supplements since this cannot naturally occur in animal products anymore due to its absence from your diet. Just like vitamin D, Vitamin B12 plays an important role in preventing anemia which is why vegans specifically may want take consider vitamin supplements or eat food fortified with this nutrient instead. This could include breakfast cereals that have been enriched with B12 amongst other sources such as nutritional yeast flakes which contain high amounts of protein too!

Overall veganism/vegetarianism can provide numerous health benefits when done correctly; however, it’s important not to forget about key nutrients our body needs by making sure we get enough Vitamins A &B12 plus Calcium through dietary choices either through natural means (dark leafy greens) or supplementing where necessary. With proper planning, any deficiencies can easily be avoided ensuring one stays on track toward achieving optimal health.


Dr. Menna El Saeed
Clinical nutritionist & Dietitian AUC/AACME

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